Franklin Foundation Hospital is a licensed provider of skilled nursing care for those patients who no longer meet acute care criteria but are not ready for discharge to other levels of care such as home, home health or nursing home. A patient who no longer meets acute care criteria, has had at least a three consecutive midnight stay in an acute care facility, has skilled nursing benefits and meets at least one of the following skilled nursing criteria are eligible for our Swing Bed program. Franklin Foundation Hospital has instituted a Hospitalist program. Swing Bed Program. Case Management Franklin Foundation Hospital. ... Read More
My mom was an early environmentalist, and she didn't even know it. One of my fondest childhood memories involves my mother and the clothesline that stretched across our back yard. Twice a week, she'd grab her bucket full of clothespins and lug a wicker basket full of wet clothes up the basement stairs and out into the sunshine. Only on winter's coldest days would she use the electric dryer. Often, I helped, handing her one soggy item after another so she could peg faster. ... Read More
Jump to navigation. With Eve Ensler, Jane Fonda and Marisa Tomei, the real issue got sidetracked as the cocktail circuit rose to defend and uphold women's emancipation. Well, this thankfully isn't about their theatrics or the lack of it. And, the controversy then? Just a forgotten incident that involved Ramesh Babu, a Bangalore-based lawyer who found the word "vagina" offensive and vulgar and registered a police complaint. ... Read More
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The long-running class action suit was first filed nearly 12 years ago, but B. Supreme Court denied certification. The plaintiffs appealed and in the B. Court of Appeal overturned the decision and certified the suit. The case turned on whether sperm is considered property under Canadian warehousing law, which does not allow the warehouse owners to insert a clause in an agreement exempting themselves from liability. ... Read More